Crystal Ball on Tarot cards

2015 is Apparently Not The Year for IoT Standards

Crystal Ball on Tarot cards
2015 may not be the year for IoT standards to emerge.

CIO has an end-of-year, “crystal ball” interview with Gartner analyst Kristian Streenstrup and Forrester analyst Tim Sheedy on how the Internet of Things is likely to mature and change in 2015. Her high-level thoughts:

  • Applications and use cases for the IoT continue to grow, but progress towards cross-industry standards will not keep pace. (We wrote about whether its already too late to have real standardization in IoT here.) To the extent that there is movement towards IoT standards, it will come within specific industry verticals, with the backing of major firms (like GE) or at the tip of a regulator’s pencil, Streenstrup says.
  • Consumer adoption of IoT will be “slow,” argues Forrester’s Sheedy. Why? No surprise – poor interaction and connectivity. “It’s still a one app- one device model,” Sheedy says, underscoring a problem that gets back to the standards question.

Read more via Where is the Internet of Things heading in 2015? – CIO.

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