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Steve Lawson at IDG News Service has an interesting article that notes AT&T’s certification of the U-blox SARA-U260 model, which is dubbed “the world’s smallest 3G module.” The 16 x 26 millimeter device is seen as a harbinger of the kind of low power device that will greatly expand the Internet of Things.


The SARA-U260 is just 26mm wide but can do many of the things that smart phones do, setting the stage for much faster growth for the Internet of Things.

The SARA-U260 is designed to transmit small amounts of data over 3G networks and could enable a new generation of even smaller and smarter devices – from Smartmeters to wearable technology to connected cars.

The U260 has features that support applications from voice calling to auto industry telematics to retail point-of-sale terminals and handheld devices, according to U-blox. It uses A-GPS (Assisted Global Positioning System) and a technology called CellLocate that uses nearby cellular towers to triangulate a location in situations where GPS isn’t available.

3G and 2G networks are being replaced by 4G and even 5G networks for most consumer smart phones. But the technology still works great for business applications – especially in remote areas. That’s a market that U-blox will target. AT&T’s certification of the technology means that device makers can start building and marketing products for use on AT&T’s national network.

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