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The European Commission is contemplating labels for Internet connected devices that inform consumers about their security and privacy practices.

Netherlands Calls for EU Safety Standards for Internet of Things Devices | NL Times

A report from NL Times about calls from the Dutch Democratic Party (D66) for Europe-wide safety standards for devices connected to the Internet of Things. From the article: Devices that do not meet these standards should be banned, parliamenterian  Kees Verhoeven said in an interview with NU.nl. He will submit a proposal addressing this to Dutch parliament next week. The European Commission is currently investigating whether such safety standards are an attainable goal. But the D66 thinks that the Netherlands can already take some steps to increase safety itself, such as a Dutch label that can inform consumers about the security on their devices. “This subject requires real attention, because there are so many devices that are increasingly designed to connect to the internet”, Verhoeven said to the newspaper. “In the Netherlands we can already take steps to ensure that people buy advices that at least have a greater chance […]