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FTC Report on Internet of Things Urges Security and Privacy Protections

January 27, 2015 18:100 comments
FTC Report on Internet of Things Urges Security and Privacy Protections

In-brief: The FTC issued a report on Tuesday that provides guidance to U.S. businesses on protecting consumers’ privacy and security in the design and deployment of “Internet of Things” devices.  Like this:Like Loading…

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Why Network Segmentation is Imperative on the Internet of Things

09:013 comments
The adoption of Internet of Things technologies in the enterprise will demand more attention to network segmentation that protects sensitive data and infrastructure.

In-brief: adoption of Internet of Things technologies puts a premium on the use of network segmentation to ensure connected devices don’t undermine the overall security of the network, according to Cisco’s Scott Harrell.   Like this:Like Loading…

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Security and Patching Challenge the Industrial Internet| CIO

08:060 comments
Companies making products for the industrial Internet of Things need to prioritize security and management, says a report by the firm National Instruments.

  The magazine CIO has picked up on a report by the firm National Instruments on some of the key challenges facing the industrial Internet of Things. No surprise: security and management are two of them. National Instruments has an interesting perspective on the topic: it makes equipment that is used by heavy industry (energy, oil and gas, automotive, etc.) to monitor industrial processes. As a result, NI is knee deep in the transformation to “smart” industry powered by autonomous, sensing equipment. The company anticipates big challenges as more and more industrial systems come online. From the article: “As massive networks of systems come online, these systems need to communicate with each other and with the enterprise, often over vast distances…Both the systems and the communications need to be secure, or millions of dollars’ worth of assets are put at risk.” Beyond that, NI notes that companies developing products for the industrial Internet of Things […]

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IBM and Samsung bet on Bitcoin Tech to save the Internet of Things

January 23, 2015 13:370 comments
This illustration captures the interactions between devices within a blockchain based system. (Illustration courtesy of IBM.)

In-brief: IBM and Samsung are collaborating on a platform they say will help billions of connected devices interact securely. The technology, “blockchain,” is borrowed – in part -from the online currency Bitcoin, but has better applications as a transaction processing system. Like this:Like Loading…

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New Firm Sniffs Power Consumption to detect Malware

January 22, 2015 11:210 comments
The U.S. Government's ICS-CERT warned that a campaign of malware attacks aimed at control system networks may be almost three years old.

  In-brief: A new company, PFP Cybersecurity, says it can detect malware infections almost instantly by analyzing changes in the way infected devices consume power. The company is targeting industrial control system and critical infrastructure with new products.  Like this:Like Loading…

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