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Corporate Counsel Taking Note of IoT Risk

August 18, 2015 12:090 comments
An article for corporate general counsel provides guidance for developing security and privacy protections into IoT products.

In-brief: An article in a publication for corporate legal counsel puts companies on notice about the risks of Internet of Things technologies, citing recent guidance from the FTC. 

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Plug and Pray? Virta Labs Using Power Analysis to Spot IoT Compromises

August 17, 2015 12:330 comments
A new startup, Virta Labs, says its PowerGuard device can detect malicious software infections by studying power consumption - an approach with applications on the Internet of Things.

In-brief: A start-up, Virta Laboratories, says that its new PowerGuard technology can spot malicious software infections on any device by studying changes in how it consumes electricity. The technology has big implications for managing risk on the Internet of Things. 

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The Real Story Behind Cheating Stories? Blackhat SEO

August 16, 2015 09:271 comment
Cheating his wife, young man chatting with his mistress

In-brief: A highly ranked web application for sharing tales of infidelity is the beneficiary of a sophisticated, global campaign of malicious search engine optimization (SEO), according to Akamai Principal Security Researcher Or Katz. (Read more stories by Or here.)

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Facebook Awards $100k for Fix to Common C++ Flaw

August 12, 2015 23:110 comments
Facebook on Wednesday announced that it doubled the award for its Internet Defense Prize, giving $100,000 to a team of researchers from Georgia Tech.

In-brief: Facebook said on Wednesday that it was doubling the amount of its Internet Defense Prize, awarding $100,000 to a group of researchers from Georgia Tech for work on static type casting vulnerabilities. 

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