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Today: Conversation with a Cyber Warrior

In-brief: Join Security Ledger and Invincea today at 1:00 PM ET for a chat with Gen. Rhett Hernandez, former commander of U.S. Army Cyber Command.

Intel: New Approach Needed to Secure Connected Health Devices

In-brief: connected medical devices pose a number of risks to patients, including the threat of “targeted killings,” according to a report by Intel Security. The fix: better application design and more public-private sector cooperation.

Medical Information on Millions Stolen from Premera Blue Cross

In-brief: Premera Blue Cross said on Tuesday that it was the victim of a sophisticated attack. The hackers had access to Premera’s network for more than six months, stealing information on as many as 11 million members and employees. 

The Enterprise IT Security Continuum

In-brief: Cisco executive Marc Blackmer argues that advanced threats and the coming Internet of Things will put more pressure on IT organizations to fight cyber threats along a continuum that includes blocking, detection and remediation. 

The Deadly Game of Cyber Mis-Attribution | Digital Guardian

In-brief: Tools to attribute cyber attacks are still primitive – leading to potentially damaging mis-identification. (This post first appeared on the Digital Guardian blog.)