Todd Morneau RSA and Paul Roberts Security Ledger

RSA Labs: cloud, microservices, mobility shift terrain for security providers

In this exclusive interview from April, the head of RSA Labs* says that keeping up with bad guys is only half the job. Security firms also need to work hard to stay relevant as trends like cloud adoption, containerization, microservices and mobility shift the ground under information security providers.

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Report: DevOps, Containerization, challenge Security Pros

In-brief: Despite the benefits of the DevOps paradigm and application virtualization in software products’ lifecycle, security professionals believe that in combination with cloud computing the two methods increase the complexity of the corporate network, making it more difficult to defend, the cyber security assurance report from Tenable Network Security outlines.

prpl Foundation Unveils Hypervisor for the Internet of Things

One of the big challenges in the Internet of Things is securing end-points. That’s nothing new: enterprises have been struggling to secure Windows desktops, laptops and servers for decades now. The challenge with the IoT is both bigger and more complicated than that. For one thing: there will be many, many more endpoints on the IoT than there ever were on your conventional IT network – more by a factor of 10 or 100 or 1000. The other challenge is that the endpoints will be heterogenous. Some might be running embedded Linux, Android or some other, obscure RTOS (real time operating system). Some may even be running Windows, if Redmond gets its way. They might be low value assets unworthy of- or unready for fat, expensive endpoint security suites. But unimportant endpoints can still be stepping stones to other, more important assets in an IoT environment: IoT hubs, cloud-based management […]

VENOM Vulnerability Renews Shared Code Worries

In-brief: The recently disclosed VENOM vulnerability dispels the myth that virtual machines are immune to cyber attacks, and raises important questions about our reliance on shared code.


With $42m Invested, vArmour uncloaks with Software Defined Security

In the old days, startups would pull together funding from a small group of early “angel” investors and rush to get a product – any product- to market as soon as possible. The idea was to prove viability in the hopes of attracting larger investments that would let you actually develop the product you really want to sell. But that doesn’t work well for companies that want to solve really hard problem. Such projects, justifiably, need a longer runway that isn’t suited to vaporware or rapid product iteration. vArmour Networks, a Mountain View-based startup that emerged from “stealth” mode yesterday, is a good example of that latter kind of start-up. The company has already raised $42 million in three rounds, dating back to January, 2013. It is offering technology to tackle a vexing product: how to secure the information flowing within and between the growing ranks of virtual data centers. With […]