Do drones need digital license plates? A new partnership between two technology firms, Airmap and Digicert, aims to find out.

Do Drones Need Digital License Plates?

In-brief: there are more drones registered in the U.S. than aircraft, but there’s no easy way to track the unmanned aerial vehicles using the public airspace. In this podcast we speak with DigiCert CTO Dan Timpson about his firm’s partnership with AirMap to provide strong digital identities for drones. 

The GAO warned in a report of cyber threats to airplane avionics systems.

GAO Warns of Cyber Risks In-Flight

In-brief: A report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) warns that the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration may be failing to address cyber security vulnerabilities that could allow remote attacks on avionics systems needed to keep the plane airborne.