Industrial Internet Consortium

Industrial Internet Consortium Publishes Security Framework

In-brief: The Industrial Internet Consortium has released a security framework for addressing security issues in industrial Internet of Things systems. The goal: avoid the mistakes of the consumer IoT space. 

Start-Up Claroty Has Eye On Industrial Control System Threats

In-brief: Claroty, an Israel-based start-up emerged from stealth mode on Tuesday, unveiling a new platform that it claims will help owners of industrial control systems detect threats and attacks by sophisticated adversaries. 

VNC Roulette Feasts On Insecure Industrial Control Systems

In-brief: VNC Roulette is just the latest warning shot across the bows of industrial firms and the public sector: parading screen shots of remotely accessible but insecure SCADA systems for all to see. 

Security and Patching Challenge the Industrial Internet| CIO

  The magazine CIO has picked up on a report by the firm National Instruments on some of the key challenges facing the industrial Internet of Things. No surprise: security and management are two of them. National Instruments has an interesting perspective on the topic: it makes equipment that is used by heavy industry (energy, oil and gas, automotive, etc.) to monitor industrial processes. As a result, NI is knee deep in the transformation to “smart” industry powered by autonomous, sensing equipment. The company anticipates big challenges as more and more industrial systems come online. From the article: “As massive networks of systems come online, these systems need to communicate with each other and with the enterprise, often over vast distances…Both the systems and the communications need to be secure, or millions of dollars’ worth of assets are put at risk.” Beyond that, NI notes that companies developing products for the industrial Internet of Things […]

The Key to Security in the Internet of Things – IEEE Spectrum

IEEE Spectrum has an article that provides a nice overview of security and privacy issues on the Internet of Things. The article by Mark Anderson highlights a number of the issues that have cropped up on these pages as well, namely: the rush to market in the consumer IoT space (much of it driven by crowd funding sites like IndieGoGo and Kickstarter) the lack of a strong business case for (consumer) manufacturers to build security into IoT products the tendency of large manufacturers to pursue siloed security standards that thwart efforts to build  devices interconnect with other IoT infrastructure (other devices, routers, etc.) So far efforts to coordinate IoT development around a single platform or set of standards have been reduced to predictable turf battles: Google’s Thread versus multi-vendor efforts like TheAllSeen Alliance,  The Open Interconnect Consortium, The Industrial Internet Consortium versus Apple HomeKit and HealthKit and others. In the […]