Tech Giants Team Up On Ethics for Artificial Intelligence | The New York Times

In-brief: Alphabet, IBM, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon are teaming to pioneer ethical guidelines for artificial intelligence, the New York Times reported.

Verizon: No ‘Real World’ Internet of Things Risk. Really?

In-brief: Verizon said in its 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report that it found no “real world” data on cyber incidents tied to Internet of Things technologies. Really?

Amid Rampant Data Theft, Consumers left Breached and Burned Out

In-brief: According to data from Experian, fewer than one in ten consumers who have had personal information exposed in a major data breach take advantage of credit monitoring services offered by the company responsible for the breach – evidence of what the company says is data breach fatigue.

The Week in Data Breach: Pizza And Chinese Food

The news over the weekend was about more data breaches affecting chain restaurants. First, there are reports that the pizza chain Domino’s appears to have been hacked. The news came by way of an online post on Friday by a group claiming to have compromised servers used by Domino’s to store data on customers in France and Belgium. (Cached version of the announcement can be viewed here.) The group claims to have made off with information including the user name and password for 592,000 French customers and over 58,000 records from Belgian customers. It has asked Domino’s for payment of €30,000 in exchange for the data. The company has acknowledged the attack, but claims no customer financial data was stolen. In other news, the Chinese restaurant chain PF Chang’s acknowledged on Thursday that it was, indeed, the victim of a successful cyber attack that a breach last week that resulted […]

Wired Imagines Our Dystopian Connected Home Future

Over at, the ever-provocative Matt Honan has a great little thought exercise on the “nightmare” that could come from connected home technology gone wrong. His piece, The Nightmare on Connected Home Street, is a first person narrative of a man who wakes up to discover he’s transformed into a cockroach  inhabiting a virus infected home. “Technically it’s malware. But there’s no patch yet, and pretty much everyone’s got it. Homes up and down the block are lit up, even at this early hour. Thankfully this one is fairly benign. It sets off the alarm with music I blacklisted decades ago on Pandora. It takes a picture of me as I get out of the shower every morning and uploads it to Facebook. No big deal.” The story goes on to chronicle some of the other dystopian features of connected home malware – the hacked “Dropcam Total Home Immersion” account that […]