Spotlight: COVID Broke Security. Can We Fix It In 2022?

In this Spotlight Podcast, Pondurance Founder and Chief Customer Officer Ron Pelletier joins me to discuss his predictions about the security trends that will shape 2022. After a devastating 18 months of COVID – which included a surge in cyber attacks – 2022 offers promises of better times. But maybe not for security teams. Ron says organizations need to go back to the risk management drawing board to prepare for new threats and attacks.

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The last 18 months has been unlike anything in recent memory. The COVID Pandemic shuttered entire economies, killed millions, sickened hundreds of millions and confined billions of people to their homes. 

Ron Pelletier is the founder and Chief Customer Officer at Pondurance. 

Along the way, the pandemic has been a boon for some businesses – think: supermarkets, video streaming services and And then there are the cyber criminal groups, who have used the disruptions caused by COVID to worm their way onto sensitive networks: exploiting vulnerable remote workers and security teams that were spread thin. 

2021: The End of the Beginning?

Sure, 2021 has seen a gradual return to normalcy: students are back in the classroom, sports fans have crowded stadiums and workers return to the office. Many hope, that 2022 will bring even happier days, as COVID recedes and the rhythms of life return to normal – even if masks are likely to stay with us for a while. 

What does the next year have in store? To help us answer that question, we invited Ron Pelletier into the Security Ledger studios. Ron is the founder and Chief Customer Officer at the firm Pondurance. In this conversation, and I talk about what may be in store.

2022: Turning A Corner

The tragedies of 2020 aside, Ron says there is plenty of reason for optimism about 2022. For one thing, the US government appears to take the ransomware threat more seriously than it ever has before. Companies are also getting more proficient at threat hunting and detection. But challenges remain: from hackers that look to draft on the chaos of natural disasters to the challenges facing organizations that are increasingly reliant on cloud based services. 

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