Spotlight: Securing the Great Resignation with Code 42

This week’s podcast is sponsored by Code42. In it, we speak with Code42’s Mark Wojtasiak about how companies can handle the security risks that accompany the “great resignation” and other COVID -inspired phenomena to prevent data theft and other undesirable outcomes.

As hard as it is to believe 18 months into a global pandemic and with a 4th wave of Delta variant cases rising in the U.S., there will be a post-COVID reality at some point, and life (and work) will eventually return to normal, or something that is more like the pre-pandemic normal than what we’re living through now. 

Mark Wojtasiak is the Vice President of Portfolio Marketing and Security Industry Research at Code42.

Or not. One of the surprising revelations of the past few months, as vaccines have become readily available in the U.S. and Europe, is what some have called the “great resignation” – a wave of voluntary departures by employees who are not ready to return to the office, either because of fear of infection or disaffection with their current employment. 

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COVID hasn’t interrupted mergers and acquisitions either and may eventually fuel them, as companies battered by the pandemic get scooped up by competitors who were less affected. 

Resignations and acquisitions are just part of doing business in the 21st century. But they also introduce a lot of risk. To put it simply: employees who are leaving a company these days typically aren’t leaving empty handed. Going with them may be reams of data – files, communications – even source code – to which they feel entitled. And companies, unfortunately, are ill suited to spot and counter such migrations. 

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