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Spotlight Podcast: QOMPLX CISO Andy Jaquith on COVID, Ransomware and Resilience

In this Spotlight podcast* we’re joined by Andrew Jaquith, the CISO at QOMPLX to talk about how the COVID pandemic is highlighting longstanding problems with cyber risk management and cyber resilience. We also talk about how better instrumenting of information security can help companies get a grip on fast-evolving cyber risks like human-directed ransomware campaigns.Full Transcript

There has been much speculation about what the long term impact of the COVID 19 pandemic will be on the private sector. Already, business leaders and investors are betting that the forced, mass experiment in remote work will produce long term changes in how companies manage their workforce.

Andy Jaquith is the Chief Information Security Officer at QOMPLX Inc.

But one byproduct of the shift to remote work is already clear: a marked increase in cyber attacks on corporate environments that take advantage of employees’ anxiety about the virus and lax home office security.

Episode 151: Rans...

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