Spotlight Podcast: Managing the Digital Risk in your Digital Transformation

Companies are pursuing digital transformation at all costs. But do they really understand the risks lurking in their digital transformation strategies? In this Spotlight Podcast, sponsored by RSA,* we’re joined by RSA Portfolio Strategist Steve Schlarman for a discussion of managing the risks in digital transformation. 

Scan through the pages of your favorite business publication or consultants report and the term “digital transformation” is likely to jump out at you. A broad term, digital transformation can mean the adoption of nearly any technology advancement: artificial intelligence, cloud based computing and micro services, DEVOPS methodologies for delivering new applications and features the application of machine learning, the use of automation and robotics…you name it.

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The focus of digital transformation narratives is almost always about the benefits of the transformation, measured in profits, productivity, market share – disrupting old and inefficient ways of doing business.

But what about the risks that digital transformation strategies and technologies bring with them? A recent survey by Deloitte found that while organizations are prioritizing digital transformation initiatives, only 14 percent of cyber budgets are allocated to securing transformation efforts.

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Our guest this week is here to sound the alarm about the digital risk inherent in digital transformation. Steve Schlarman is a portfolio manager at RSA. He was also my guest at a special webinar “Mastering Digital Risk: Taking on Digital Transformation.” In this conversation, Steve says that innovation opens new doors for organizations but that legacy security and risk management functions are not keeping pace with those changes.

Re-Thinking Cyber Risk

Steve Schlarman RSA
Steve Schlarman is a Risk Management Strategist at RSA.

In this conversation, Steve and I talk about how digital transformation is changing the nature of cyber risk management from trying to prevent discrete events – like a data breach – to more business focused goals. The question now is how to both leverage digital transformation and keep data and assets secure, while protecting the organization’s reputation.

We also take some time to respond to questions from the webinar.

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