Podcast Episode 139: the State(s) of Right to Repair and API Insecurity on GitHub

In this week’s episode, number 139: California became the latest state to bring forward right to repair legislation. We speak with Kyle Wiens (@kwiens) of iFixit about the state of right to repair legislation in the states.

Also: researchers at North Carolina State University are sounding the alarm about leaked API and crypto keys on platforms like GitHub. In our second segment we talk with the host of the APISecurity.IO, Dmitry Sotnikov of the firm 42Crunch and APISecurity.io about the lurking threat of API insecurity.

As always,  you can check our full conversation in our latest Security Ledger podcast at Blubrry. You can also listen to it on iTunes and check us out on SoundCloud, Stitcher, Radio Public and more.

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