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This Week In Security: Android’s Security Woes

We’re at the end of another busy week in the security world – a week that saw everything from World Cup themed phishing attacks and, of course, more data breaches: at PF Changs, Domino’s Pizza and AT&T.

Lanier works for Duo Security. (Image courtesy of

Among the top stories this week were a number of warnings about attack on Google’s Android mobile device platform. FireEye and Google said they dismantled part of a mobile malware operation that stole online banking credentials from Android users via a malicious and stealthy app posing as Google Play.

And a German researcher sounded alarms about Android mobile devices shipping from China that come with pre-loaded malicious software.

To help make sense of all the Android badness, we invited  Zach Lanier. Zach’s been a frequent guest on Security Ledger Podcast. He’s a security researcher at DUO Security and – fittingly- one of the authors of The Android Hacker’s Handbook, published by Wiley.

Zach and I talked about the current state of Android security, in light of the news this week about new threats. We also talk about Zach’s upcoming presentations at the Black Hat Briefings and DEFCON security conferences.

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