Save The Date: The Security of Things Forum May 7

A little more than 18 months ago, I launched The Security Ledger, a news and analysis blog devoted to exploring cyber security and its intersection with the growing world of intelligent, Internet-connected “stuff.”


My goal all along has been to shine a light on some of the security and privacy issues that arise as ‘computers’ (for lack of a better term) morph from devices on our desk to things that we wear, drive, carry in our body or watch us from the sky. More than that, though, I wanted to build a community of subject matter experts, thought leaders and decision makers who could help shape the conversation about how to navigate the transition from the Internet of computers to the Internet of Things.

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But, let’s face it, there’s only so much interaction that can happen through a web site or e-mail newsletter. That’s why I’m pleased to announce Security Ledger’s first ever technology event: The Security of Things Foruma focused, one day event that will explore the myriad of security issues stemming from the fast-evolving Internet of Things. 

With support from Cisco Systems (and others – soon to be announced), the Security of Things Forum (or SECoT for short) will bring together executives, tech industry leaders, investors and security researchers from academia and the private sector IT professionals. We’ll explore a variety of questions.

  • What is the best approach to securing critical data in a borderless computing environment populated by hundreds of billions of Internet-connected endpoints?
  • What existing or emerging standards might simplify the task of connecting IoT devices and securing them from compromise or attack?
  • How can businesses best make the transition from managing environments comprising thousands- or tens of thousands of endpoints to environments composed of millions or tens of millions of endpoints?
  • What (new) security tools and technologies will be needed to secure the myriad of new IoT endpoints and ensure the security and confidentiality of data stored on them and communicated between them?

I’m thrilled about the potential for this conference to start a meaningful conversation about security and The Internet of Things. I’m also thrilled to have Security of Things be part of an even larger conversation. SECoT is part of the program for Internet of Things Week, a week-long schedule of IoT focused events in and around town that also includes the 5th Annual Auto-ID & Sensing Expo at the MIT Media Lab, the IoT Olympiad and NFC Bootcamp Boston.

Space at our inaugural event is limited, so register for The Security of Things now. There is an early bird discount from now through April 7 that will include a nice premium for all takers. Also, stay tuned to this blog and Security Ledger for more information on SECoT sessions and sponsors.

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