M2M Insecurity Could Hinder Growth

Machine-t0-machine (or M2M) networking is the next big thing – an underpinning of the emerging Internet of Things that will allow all our “stuff” to talk to other stuff. What kind of stuff? Actually, IT World has a nice slideshow of some of the weirder items that are now IP-enabled: shoes, door locks, toothbrushes, coffee makers, not to mention cars, residential ‘smart meters’ and other hardware.

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Despite the many and amazing applications of M2M interactions, however, the Internet of Things increases- rather than decreases the demands on application developers. As this blog post notes, Machine-to-machine (M2M) networking security implementations “fail to meet most corporate standards.” Senior cyber security analyst Michela Menting at ABI Research notes that “security at the application level is slow to develop.”

Menting cites a “consistent lack of interoperability” across M2M software “hampers application security advancements.” This is, of course, no different than any other technology wave – where features and functionality typically lead security. But its a conversation that’s similar to the one going on in the SCADA and ICS space as well, where a lack of clear standards hampers security.

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