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With $42m Invested, vArmour uncloaks with Software Defined Security

In the old days, startups would pull together funding from a small group of early “angel” investors and rush to get a product – any product- to market as soon as possible. The idea was to prove viability in the hopes of attracting larger investments that would let you actually develop the product you really want to sell. But that doesn’t work well for companies that want to solve really hard problem. Such projects, justifiably, need a longer runway that isn’t suited to vaporware or rapid product iteration. vArmour Networks, a Mountain View-based startup that emerged from “stealth” mode yesterday, is a good example of that latter kind of start-up. The company has already raised $42 million in three rounds, dating back to January, 2013. It is offering technology to tackle a vexing product: how to secure the information flowing within and between the growing ranks of virtual data centers. With […]

Report: Symantec on Threats to Virtual Environments

The folks over at SANS Internet Storm Center are pointing to a new study by Symantec that warns of threats posed by malicious code to virtual environments and warns that threats such as that the network traffic within virtual containers may not be monitored by services such as IDS or DLP. The paper covers how malware behaves in virtual environments. Specifically, the report examines W32.Crisis, a malicious program that is known to target virtual environments. The Crisis malware doesn’t exploit any specific vulnerability, SANS notes. Rather: it takes advantage of how the virtual machines are stored in the host system to manipulate that environment for malicious purposes while escaping detection. via InfoSec Handlers Diary Blog – Threats to virtual environments.