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Attack on Tesla Autopilot highlights Bigger Risk of Insecure Sensors

Researchers from the firm Regulus Cyber say that they demonstrated a type of GPS spoofing attack that caused vehicles by Tesla to veer off the road. The impact could be much broader than just Tesla, however.

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Hackers Remotely Steer Tesla Model S Using Autopilot System

Security researchers managed to take remote control of the Autopilot feature of Tesla Model S car using a wireless gaming keypad, highlighting the potential security issues with next-generation automobiles’ Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) that are meant to enhance driver safety.

Tesla Looks to Build Out Internal Hacking Team| Car and Driver Blog

Car and Driver has an interesting news item today on Tesla’s continuing efforts to build an internal team of software hackers to shore up the security of its connected cars.   C&D reports that Tesla is looking to hire up to 30 full-time employees from the hacking community, and used the recent DEFCON hacking conference in Las Vegas to recruit talented software hackers, reverse engineers and the assorted polymaths who attend. Tesla gave out tokens that could be exchanged for a tour of the Tesla factory at the show. “Our security team is focused on advancing technology to secure connected cars, setting new standards for security, and creating new capabilities for connected cars that don’t currently exist in the automotive industry,” Tesla spokeswoman Liz Jarvis-Shean told C&D. California-based Tesla has already been making the rounds of security conferences. It also made headlines for hiring Kristin Paget, a well-respected hardware hacker […]

$10,000 Is On Offer For Anyone Who Can Hack A Tesla Car – Forbes

Thomas Brewster over at Forbes has an interesting story this week on a $10,000 bounty that’s being offered for anyone who can hack Tesla’s Model S sedan. The contest is open to all registered attendees of SyScan Conference in Beijing, which takes place later in July. (Conference web site is here.) According to Brewster, the contest is not endorsed by Tesla, nor is the company cooperating in any way. The conference features a number of hacking demonstrations, including at least one on hacking cars: this presentation on strategies for securing Controller Area Network (CAN) based systems – CAN is the most commonly used networking protocol in automobiles. Tesla – which makes the most wired cars on the road – have flirted with both hackers and mod-ers in the past. Notably: this article mentions one car owner’s hack of Tesla’s (really nice) on board touch screen interface. That prompted a warning from […]