Researchers: SCADA Mobile Apps Continue to Have ‘Shocking’ Number of Vulnerabilities

Despite their availability on mobile networks and thus increased exposure to outside security threats, SCADA apps remain highly insecure and vulnerable to attack, putting critical industrial control systems at immediate and increased risk, researchers at IOActive and Embedi have found.

THAAD Missile System

Exclusive: Eye on Weapons Systems, North Korean Hackers target US Defense Contractors

North Korean hackers have stepped up their attacks on U.S. defense contractors in an apparent effort to gain intelligence on weapon systems and other assets that might be used against the country in an armed conflict with the United States and its allies, The Security Ledger has learned.

Talos Kegerator

At Industrial Control Security Con: Will hack IoT for Beer

In-brief: Cisco’s Marc Blackmer reports from the S4 Conference in Miami – one of the top gatherings of industrial control system security experts. Among the attractions this year: Justine Bone of the firm Medsec, the psychology of malicious insiders and a hackable “kegerator.”

Start-Up Claroty Has Eye On Industrial Control System Threats

In-brief: Claroty, an Israel-based start-up emerged from stealth mode on Tuesday, unveiling a new platform that it claims will help owners of industrial control systems detect threats and attacks by sophisticated adversaries. 

Trainwreck: Study Calls for Rethink of Rail Security

The folks over at SCADA Strangelove turned me on to this article from the International Railway Journal that presents the findings of an analysis of the security of industrial control and SCADA systems used to manage railway networks. The conclusion: railways are rife with “faults and vulnerabilities (that will) allow cyber criminals to not only degrade key reliability parameters and bypass safety mechanisms (and) carry out attacks which directly affect rail traffic safety.” The study was conducted by Valentin Gapanovic, the senior vice president of Russian Railways, Efim Rozenberg, the first deputy director general at the Moscow based research firm NIIAS JSC and Kaspersky Lab Deputy Chief Technology Officer Sergey Gordeychik. At issue is not just the systems that are used to manage railway networks, including the movements of trains and critical switching systems that configure tracks. Rather: it is the culture of safety and security in the rail sector which, the study concludes, is still silo’d between physical […]