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Podcast: With Ransomware -Never Pay The Ransom!

In-brief: To pay the ransom, or not to pay the ransom, that is the question. In this Security Ledger podcast, we talk to Thomas Fischer, a Global Privacy Advocate at Digital Guardian about why ransomware is such a big problem for businesses these days, and why he thinks paying to get access to your encrypted data is a terrible idea. 

Fraternal Order of Police Data Stolen, Leaked

In-brief: The web site of the Fraternal Order of Police, an organization representing law enforcement officers in the United States, was offline Friday after reports that data stolen from the Order was posted online. 

Internet of Things Will Mess Up The Security Industry – Big Time

In-brief: there’s a growing consensus that the Internet of Things will spell trouble for the information security industry. A vast population of connected devices, endemic problems with software quality and sophisticated adversaries will combine to make the juice of the Internet of Things not worth the security “squeeze.”

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Ten Security Trends To Follow in 2016

[soliloquy id=”186265″] [soliloquy slug=”Here are ten information security trends to follow in the New Year.”]

The Car Hacking Hype Curve In Two Awesome Infographs

In-brief: Chris Poulin of IBM blogs over at Recorded Future that malicious attacks on connected vehicles are a couple of years off. But the genie is already out of the bottle.