Ransomware: the most profitable malware ever?

In-brief:Ransomware may be the “most profitable malware in history,” according to a new report out from Cisco Systems. But it is being helped along by poor management of information technology assets as well as the advent of identity shielding technologies like BitCoin and the Tor network.

EFF: SSL Records Show Superfish Attacks in the Wild

  In-brief: The Electronic Frontier Foundation warned that it has evidence of man-in-the-middle attacks that take advantage of the same encryption-busting technology that Lenovo and Superfish implanted on consumer laptops.

Update: Superfish is the Real End of SSL

In-brief: Outrage over Lenovo’s promotion of privacy busting adware continued to grow amid lawsuits and more spying revelations. The big question: is this the final – final straw for the beleaguered Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology?  (Updated to add comment from Kevin Bocek of Venafi.)