Raspberry Pi

Maker Spaces: Grass Roots of The Internet of Things?

In-brief: Maker spaces are the grass roots of the Internet of Things. But obstacles to creating and maintaining these important, community building institutions are considerable, says Cisco’s Marc Blackmer. 

Microsoft Plays for IoT with Windows 10 for Raspberry Pi

In-brief: Microsoft is making good on promises that its next version of Windows will be a player on the Internet of Things, announcing support for Raspberry Pi 2. 

Supply Chain Risk: Raspberry Pi Device Used for War Shipping

An interesting post on supply chain security over at Security Affairs. The post looks at a new approach to supply chain surveillance (and, presumably, attacks): ‘war shipping.’ War shipping is, of course, a play on the ‘war driving’ scene from the early days of consumer wifi, in which cars outfitted with antennae would canvas whole cities, documenting open wi-fi hotspots that could be used to grab some free Internet. In this case, Security Affairs notes a shippable board-sized package designed by security expert Larry Pesce of Paul’s Security Weekly (fka Pauldotcom). The device can be contained in a standard UPS shipping box and delivered to a target network to passively surveil or even attack it. The kit is built on a Raspberry Pi b_ with an AWUS051NH wireless card, a cheap battery charger, kismet and custom software. Pesce demonstrated the device at Derbycon, a Louisville, Kentucky based event last month. The device includes both […]