Hacking Team

Surveillance Technology Vendor Cellebrite Has Customer Data Stolen

In-brief: Cellebrite, an Israeli firm that sells mobile phone forensic tools, was the victim of a hack that stole information on customers – many of them law enforcement agencies and governments.

Opinion: Hacking Team and Defense through Deception

In-brief: In this opinion piece, Nitsan Saddan, the head of threat intelligence research at the firm Cymmetria, says that recent revelations about the methods used to hack the cyber arms dealers The Hacking Team underscore the importance of deception as an element of cyber defense.

Hacking Team incident prompts calls to retire Adobe Flash

  In-brief: Adobe’s Flash technology may end up being the highest profile victim of the attack on software arms dealers the Hacking Team, as news of that group’s reliance on Flash vulnerabilities prompts calls for Adobe to permanently retire the web-enhancing technology.