Sea Level Rise, Runaway AI and Grid Hacks: Why We Ignore Warnings about Preventable Catastrophes

In-brief: is it ever the case that things happen that “nobody saw coming”? Our guest on this week’s podcast would say “no.” He is Richard Clarke, a former National Coordinator for Security, Infrastructure Protection and Counter-terrorism for the United States and a veteran of four administrations, from President Ronald Reagan through to President George W. Bush. We talk about modern-day Cassandras: people who are warning about looming catastrophes, mostly in vain. 

Leaked CIA Tools Linked to Known Cyber Espionage Group | Symantec

In-brief: We don’t know if the Vault 7 tools belonged to the CIA. We do know that they were used by a group Symantec dubbed Longhorn that possessed powerful zero day exploits, never attacked computers in the US and used code words taken from lyrics by 80s band The Police, so…

Podcast: CIA Hacking Tools, Our Orwellian Internet of Things & G-Men can subpoena Memories?

In-brief: In this week’s podcast, Paul talks with Sven Dietrich of The John Jay College of Criminal Justice at the City University of New York about the release of CIA hacking tools, FBI Director Comey’s talk on encryption and more. 

Samsung Smart TV

MEH CIA: Agency’s Hacking Tools Targeted Known, Patched Holes

In-brief: Two days after the site Wikileaks dumped thousands of pages of information about covert CIA hacking tool, the security and technology communities have weighed in. Their verdict? Meh. 

CIA TV: Smart TVs, Smart Cars CIA Hacking Targets Wikileaks claims

In-brief: The web site WikiLeaks on Tuesday published thousands of documents that it claims are hacking tools developed and used by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agencies to spy on and surveil targets. Among the targets: Samsung smart TVs and connected vehicles.