Cyber Needs More Perp Walks | Digital Guardian

In-brief: The arrest of a 29-year-old man in Prague for suspected involvement in the 2012 hack of LinkedIn is a big victory for law enforcement. Even more important: viral video of the arrest. (Editor’s note: This post first appeared on Digital Guardian’s blog. ) The arrest of a 29-year-old man in Prague for suspected involvement in the 2012 hack of LinkedIn earlier this month was a big victory for law enforcement. The release this week of video footage of his arrest and subsequent “perp walk” may be even more important. Czech authorities disclosed on Tuesday that they had taken an individual identified as “Yevgeniy N” into custody on October 5 at a restaurant in Prague. Reports on U.S. news outlets including CBS, citing unnamed sources, say the man was wanted for his involvement in the hack and theft of data from LinkedIn, the social networking web site, in 2012. Judging from […]

For Cyber Security Awareness Month: Change Your Passwords, Or Ditch Them?

October has arrived. And while that means colorful foliage and Halloween for many of us, it is also a special time in the information security industry: cyber security awareness month – or NCSAM. Security Ledger will be supporting NCSAM this month with banner ads and other content that highlight NCSAM events. Cyber Security Awareness Month – in its 11th year-  is a public-private effort to raise public awareness about online security and safety. It’s best known for the “Stop. Think. Connect.” meme, but also is an occasion for elected officials and private sector firms to highlight cyber security issues. In a Presidential Proclamation released on Tuesday, President Obama called cyber threats “one of the gravest national security dangers the United States faces.” “They jeopardize our country’s critical infrastructure, endanger our individual liberties, and threaten every American’s way of life. When our Nation’s intellectual property is stolen, it harms our economy, […]