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Episode 211: Scrapin’ ain’t Hackin’. Or is it?

Is scraping the same as hacking or just an example of “zealous” use of a social media platform? And if it isn’t considered hacking…should it be? As more and more online platforms open their doors to API-based access, do we need more rules and oversight of how APIs are used to prevent wanton abuse?

LinkedIn Says Glitch, Not FSB, to Blame for Russian Job Postings

LinkedIn Wednesday blamed an issue with its job ingestion tool–not Russian hackers or an online scam–as the reason the business social network was erroneously posting jobs located in Russia for a number of U.S.-based companies.

Two Moscows

That Other Moscow: Sketchy LinkedIn Job Posts Mix US, Russian Locales

Bogus LinkedIn job postings for leading US organizations, including the US Army, the State of Florida and defense contractor General Dynamics, are popping up for Russian locales like St. Petersburg and Moscow, the firm Evolver has found. Is it AI-Gone-Wild, or is something more nefarious afoot? 

What’s a Good Password? NIST says One that hasn’t been stolen

In-brief: what’s a good password? According to new guidelines from NIST: one that hasn’t already been stolen by hackers.

Cyber Needs More Perp Walks | Digital Guardian

In-brief: The arrest of a 29-year-old man in Prague for suspected involvement in the 2012 hack of LinkedIn is a big victory for law enforcement. Even more important: viral video of the arrest. (Editor’s note: This post first appeared on Digital Guardian’s blog. ) The arrest of a 29-year-old man in Prague for suspected involvement in the 2012 hack of LinkedIn earlier this month was a big victory for law enforcement. The release this week of video footage of his arrest and subsequent “perp walk” may be even more important. Czech authorities disclosed on Tuesday that they had taken an individual identified as “Yevgeniy N” into custody on October 5 at a restaurant in Prague. Reports on U.S. news outlets including CBS, citing unnamed sources, say the man was wanted for his involvement in the hack and theft of data from LinkedIn, the social networking web site, in 2012. Judging from […]