Cloudflare Targets Security Poverty Line With Free Tools For At-Risk Groups

Humanitarian groups, local governments and non-profit organizations including the Organization of American States and the CyberPeace Institute have more powerful tools to fight of sophisticated cyber attacks, after Cloudflare announced a program, Monday, to make its Zero Trust One suite of security tools available for free.

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Zero Trust has become the dominant cybersecurity framework for large enterprises; however, this has left out smaller organizations due to limited budgets, smaller IT teams, and a lack of resources. That’s especially true for non profit- humanitarian and free speech groups, who have struggled to protect their employees and data in the face of sophisticated, nation-state attacks.

Considering this, on Monday, Cloudflare, Inc. announced that the Zero Trust One suite security tools are now free to all at-risk public interest groups that are part of Cloudflare’s Project Galileo (for artistic groups, humanitarian organizations, and political dissenters) and Project Athenian (for state and local governments). 

Project Galileo and Project Athenian participants are constantly under attack because of their missions. Security problems have always surrounded these teams, which must divert time and money from their core missions to defend against potential and actual attacks. 

Zero Trust to the people!

The Zero Trust approach is the perfect solution to address this problem. It is a security model that guarantees that all the incoming and outgoing business traffic within a network is authorized and verified. All this requires identity verification for every person and device connected to that network. 

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Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO of Cloudflare, praised the initiative. “Cloudflare is the only security provider that ensures that Zero Trust is accessible to all those who are in need-the vulnerable groups in our society, journalists, and non-profits, as well as the sites that ensure we have trusted, free, fair elections in the United States,” he said.

Cloudflare One and At-Risk Groups

Despite their smaller sizes and budgets, the organizations served by Projects Galileo and Athenian face the same security challenges as most large-scale companies, Cloudflare said. For example, malicious actors frequently use is phishing campaigns to steal users’ credentials and compromise the networks of sensitive organizations. 

As part of the program, Cloudflare’s One Suite is being made available to teams that qualify for Project Galileo and Athenian for free. The security suite includes the same Zero Trust connectivity and security solutions used by Cloudflare’s enterprise customers to connect users and protect their data, Cloudflare said. 

The Cloudflare One suite includes features for facilitating employees’ remote access to internal applications, securing data in transit and protecting organizations from phishing- and DNS-based attacks.

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“These organizations face constant threats and need to be safe online to achieve their missions – and now they’ll have access to the same security architecture that Fortune 500 companies are using.” The CEO further added. 

OAS and CyberPeace Institute early adopters

The company announced five at-risk groups who were using the Cloudflare One solution, including; Meedan, CyberPeace Institute, The Organization of American States (OAS), The Information Technology Disaster Resource Center (ITDRC), and Rowan County in the U.S. state of North Carolina.

Previously, such programs have been crucial in protecting organizations like clinics that offer COVID-19 vaccines, non-profit groups providing Ukraine relief when the war broke out, and when the public attention was increased, and they became more prone to attacks. 

Cloudflare works with a mission to build a better internet, and its suite of products is proving this. The Cloudflare One helps the teams to configure and deploy within a few hours and benefit from the Zero Trust security solution. Here’s the Zero Trust Roadmap your team can use to see how to get started and the guidelines required at each step. If you also want to be a part of these impactful programs, then apply by visiting the following links; Project Galileo and Project Athenian

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