Security Ledger works with our sponsors to produce a wide range of online events, including instructional webinars and panel discussions. The following is a list of online events Security Ledger has hosted.

Bastille Cant Stop Infograph

Cellular & IoT on Wall Street | Bastille

This 2017 Webinar, moderated by Security Ledger’s Paul Roberts and sponsored by Bastille Networks, featured Danielle Tierney, Senior Analyst at Aite Group, Steve Ganis, Partner at Mintz Levin and Bob Baxley, Chief Engineer at Bastille Networks. The group had an in-depth discussion of capital markets compliance in the face of ever more sophisticated technologies and the changing regulations around trade compliance in the EU and US.

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Deconstructing The Top IoT Attacks of 2016 | Bastille

A review of the top IoT threats and attacks of the year including:
– The Mirai BotNet
– The ZigBee worm
– Rogue Cell Tower in a Printer
– Eavesdropping devices
– Pagers and Critical Infrastructure

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Managing BYOD Risk | Bastille

Bring your own device (or BYOD) may be standard policy at your organization. But it is also a serious and unmanaged risk to the security of your corporate network, sensitive data and intellectual property. In this Webinar, Security Ledger EIC talks with Danielle Tierney, Senior Analyst, AITE Group, Dale “Woody” Wooden, Founder of Weathered Security; and Dr. Bob Baxley, Chief Technology Officer, Bastille Networks.

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IoT Security Concept

Who Let the IoT In? | Bastille

Security Ledger Editor in Chief speaks with Bastille Chief Engineer Bob Baxley, Drew Fry of PWC’s Cyber Threat Detection group and Ted Harrington of Independent Security Evaluators about how Internet of Things devices are working their way into enterprise IT environments.

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Crush Common Cyber Security Threats with Privileged Access Management | BeyondTrust

Tune into this session, which help you better grasp how you can reduce risk and shutdown multiple attack vectors by maturing various privileged management controls.

Post-mortem analysis of recent cybersecurity attacks and how you could mitigate against similar threats | Evaluation of password breakdowns in protecting your organization | Review of a high level threat model of privileged account | How Privilege Access Management can significantly reduce your attack surface and improve your cybersecurity posture

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Stop Business Email Compromise Attacks | GreatHorn

Email security requires a more holistic approach to guard against business email compromise, impersonations, and credential theft attacks. In this webinar, security expert Paul Roberts of Security Ledger and GreatHorn CEO Kevin O’Brien discuss the limits of awareness training, how to make it more effective, the importance of integrated incident response, and why “100% prevention” should be a red flag.

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LookingGlass ScoutThreat

Proactive Cybersecurity Modeling Adversarial Behavior | LookingGlass

This webinar delves into how one of the world’s top financial services firms developed and implemented a robust threat model capable of repelling the world’s most sophisticated hackers and nation-state actors. Join LookingGlass Product Manager, Dan Martin, and Security Ledger Editor-in-Chief, Paul Roberts for an introduction to scoutTHREAT™, a threat management platform that helps security analysts streamline threat analysis work and extract the maximum value from threat intelligence.

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The ‘Round The Clock Third Party Advantage | LookingGlass

In this webinar, LookingGlass Product Manager, Brandon Dobrec and Security Ledger Editor-in-Chief, Paul Roberts will discuss what you need to assess vendors in the modern cyber environment, providing you with the right map to assess your external risk.

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Cyber Threat Intelligence: Sharpen Your Defense | LookingGlass

How are cutting edge CISOs and IT security teams applying threat intelligence to respond to incidents and slam shut windows of compromise? Find out in this webinar moderated by Paul Roberts, the Editor in Chief at The Security Ledger. Paul will be joined by LookingGlass’ product manager Brandon Dobrec, and Chris Roberts, Founder, CISO, and Chief Geek of One World Labs.

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Managing the Risk in your Digital Transformation | RSA

Find out why risk management is so critical and learn how companies are addressing digital risk in this upcoming webinar, the second in our C-Leader series on digital risk management. Join RSA and industry thought leaders as they discuss the top risk management challenges digital transformation presents and  share case studies of organizations that are effectively managing digital risk.

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End User Authentication Security on the Internet | DUO

This presentation reviews security expert Mark Stanislav’s recent research into the state of end-user-facing authentication security as it relates to strong authentication, transport security, breach history, security transparency, and complementary browser security features.

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