Technologies: wireless threat detection

Bring your own device (or BYOD) may be standard policy at your organization. But it is also a serious and unmanaged risk to the security of your corporate network, sensitive data and intellectual property. Join Bastille Networks and Security Ledger to learn how undetected cellular devices including smart phones can provide access to your sensitive IT assets and how forward looking firms are tapping new tools to identify, track and manage cellular and wireless devices in their environment.

In this webinar you will learn more about:

  • BYOD Cyber Risk
  • BYOD Gone Wrong
  • Managing BYOD Risk
Panelists include:

Date: 28.11.2018

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Short description: Beyond Rules: How Natural Language Processing can Automate your SIEM

Date: 30.01.2018

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Short description: Using Machine Learning to Spot and Block Targeted Attacks in Office 365

Date: 25.10.2018

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Short description: Best Practices for Cell Phone Compliance and Security in Capital Markets

Date: 11.12.2018

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Short description: Bring your own device policies are the norm but they carry significant cyber risks to corporate data and assets.

Date: 08.03.2018

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Short description: CISSP, “The IoT Security Guy”, and Founder and Managing Principal of Fractional CISO, Rob Black joins Paul Roberts of Security Ledger to talk about privileged access management.