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Report: Newly Discovered GlassRAT Lurked For Years, Undetected

In-brief: RSA Security said a newly discovered Trojan horse program may have been lurking for three years on corporate networks. Chinese nationals were the apparent target.

Starwood Added to List of Hacked Hotel Chains

In-brief: Starwood Hotels said on Friday that it was the victim of a malicious software infection on point of sale (POS) systems at restaurants, just the latest in a string of high profile hotel chains to admit that it was the victim of a cyber attack involving compromises of point of sale systems and the theft of customer data. 

Firm Puzzled by Body Cams Infected with Malware

In-brief: a California company that makes wearable cameras that are used by law enforcement and the military said a report that it shipped cameras infected with the Conficker virus were “distressing,” but that it was unable to locate the malware on its devices or within its environment. 

Black Hat: Talent Scarce, Firms Look to Automation and Ai

In-brief: with security talent scarce, experts at the Black Hat Briefings say that security automation fueled by machine learning and data analytics is going to play an increasing role in security operations. 


Malware Supported VPN Network Used By APT Groups

In-brief: A virtual private network (VPN) based in China and designed to help evade that country’s restrictive government firewall is actually supported by a network of malware-infected nodes around the globe, RSA says.