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Dark Web Looms Large as Enterprise Threat

New research from the firm Bromium finds dark web listings are booming as operators offer tailored access to enterprise networks.

Duck and Cyber: Berkeley Report Imagines Dark, Technology Driven Futures

In-brief: technology advances including the growth of the Internet of Things will make cybersecurity a top concern for individuals and governments, enabling a variety of futures – some sunnier than others, according to a report from UC Berkeley and the Hewlett Foundation.

Bill in U.S. House would Open Doors to Threat Intel Sharing | Reuters

  In-brief: Leaders of the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee introduced the Protecting Cyber Networks Act on Tuesday. The bill would make it easier for companies to share information about attacks with each other and with the government. It also addresses concerns about omnibus spying by U.S. intelligence agencies. 

Digital ‘Exhaust’ may be the biggest Internet of Things Worry | WIRED

In-brief: digital ‘exhaust’ emitted by Internet of Things technologies may pose the biggest risk to personal privacy and security a researcher warns.