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Robot Automation

Robot Account Apocalypse: RPA Risk Exploding with Adoption

Robotic Process Automation is taking over mundane tasks in the workplace. But those bots may pose a serious security risk, according to researchers from the firm CyberArk.


Podcast Episode 140: passwords are dying. What will replace them?

Alpha-numeric passwords have been with us almost since the dawn of the computing age. But our guest this week, Phil Dunkelberger the CEO of Nok Nok Labs, says they’ve overstayed their welcome, and that the next few years may see them disappear altogether. We talk about what will replace them and how.

EU calls for End to Default Passwords on Internet of Things

A group representing European telecommunications firms last week published technical specifications for securing a wide range of consumer Internet of Things devices including toys, smart cameras and wearable health trackers.


Bank Attacks Put Password Insecurity Back in the Spotlight

Two separate attacks on banks in the United States and Pakistan revealed this week highlight once again the inherent weakness of a security practice that relies on passwords or knowledge-based credentials to protect critical information.

You’re Invited: A Conversation on Password Security and Targeted Attacks

A note to Security Ledger readers that I’ll be facilitating a really interesting conversation this afternoon on password (in)security and how weak user authentication can undermine even the best laid security plans. The SANS Webinar, Security for the People: End User Authentication Security on the Internet” kicks off at 3:00 PM Eastern today (12:00 PM Pacific). You can register to join us using this link.   My guest is DUO Security researcher Mark Stanislav, a frequent Security Ledger contributor and one of the smartest guys out there when it comes to passwords, authentication and securing the Internet of Things. There’s plenty to talk about: weak authentication schemes are the root cause of any number of prominent breaches – from the recent attacks the Apple iCloud accounts of A-list celebrities, to the breach at retailer Target (reportedly the result of a phishing attack on an HVAC contractor that Target used.) Mark and I […]