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After Shadow Brokers, US CERT warns on Supply Chain Security

In-brief: The Department of Homeland Security is warning companies to pay closer attention to supply chain security in the wake of attacks on networking infrastructure. 

Network Segmentation in the Age of the IoT

In-brief: Segmentation is a well established approach to securing your data and IT assets. But have you assessed your approach to segmentation in light of new technologies and business models? Scott Harrell of Cisco’s Security Business Group, writes with some pointers on adapting segmentation to the demands of the Internet of Things. 

Why Network Segmentation is Imperative on the Internet of Things

In-brief: adoption of Internet of Things technologies puts a premium on the use of network segmentation to ensure connected devices don’t undermine the overall security of the network, according to Cisco’s Scott Harrell.  


Securing Networks in the Internet of Things Era | Help Net

Cricket Liu, the CIO of Infoblox has an interesting editorial over at Help Net Security today that looks at the challenge of securing the Internet of Things. Among other things, he reveals the results of a commissioned survey of 400 network professionals in the UK and US that revealed  that 78 percent already have precursor IoT devices on their networks – including badge readers, networked cash registers, vending machines and so on. Seventy three percent of those surveyed acknowledged using connected surveillance gear like CCTV on their networks. That shouldn’t be surprising. What is surprising is that a strong majority of respondents – 63 percent – also saw those devices and IoT in general as a threat to network security. So: IoT adoption is gaining speed, and worries about IoT security are gaining traction. The survey suggests that few IT organisations have deployed IoT-specific infrastructure, such as dedicated networks for IoT devices or management […]

Time for an Administrator of Things (AoT)? – Security Intelligence Blog

Trend Micro’s Security Intelligence Blog has an interesting post today that looks at the changing demands of networked environments populated by smart “stuff.” Their conclusion: homes and businesses might find increasing need for someone to manage smart devices. “Managing a household full of smart devices calls for the skills of both a multi-user IT administrator and a handyman. Let’s call this role the Administrator of Things (AoT).” As in the early days of business networks, this role is currently ill-defined, Trend notes, with “ordinary users” taking on AoT tasks despite “scant evidence that they are ready for it.” Trend’s Geoff Grindrod doesn’t take a strong position on what the implications of all this complexity. (“This is something that should be looked into,” the report says.) However, he does anticipate friction. “How well people can actually perform (the job of AoT) has a huge impact on their daily lives, which includes the security of their household,” […]