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Opinion: AI and Machine Learning will power both Cyber Offense and Defense in 2020

Artificial intelligence and machine learning hold great promise for both defenders and attackers, making it one of the most important security trends to follow in 2020, says Gerald Beuchelt, the CISO of LogMeIn.*

Chinese APT Group, Used Stolen NSA Hacking Tools Before Shadow Brokers

A group with links to the government of China was using hacking tools developed by the NSA even before they are believed to have been stolen, a new report contends.

Government, Private Sector Unprepared for 21st Century Cyber Warfare

U.S. government agencies and businesses are largely unprepared for a major cyber attack from state-sponsored actors, and must prepare now, according to a report by key governmental-focused think tanks.

Uncle Sam Taking a Back Seat in Cyber Defense | Bloomberg

Bloomberg has a story on the collaborative, private sector effort to thwart an industrial hacking campaign linked to Chinese intelligence.   The effort, which involved firms like FireEye and iSight Partners “demonstrates for the first time a private-sector model that they believe can move faster than investigations by law enforcement agencies,” the report said. From the article: The take-down largely bypassed traditional law enforcement tools, relying instead on cooperation between companies that are normally fierce competitors. Coalition members — which include Microsoft Corp., Cisco Inc. and Symantec Corp. — say they can act faster than governments because they operate global Internet systems and have business relationships with tens of thousands of companies. Read more via China-Linked Hacking Foiled by Private-Sector Sleuthing – Businessweek.