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Government Data Authorities do Privacy Sweep of IoT Devices

  In-brief: Federal data protection authorities from 29 countries including the U.S. and Canada have turned their collective attention to The Internet of Things in an annual “privacy sweep” that is looking at connected devices including personal health products.

Governments Face Privacy, Security Reckoning On Data Retention

In-brief: Plagued by cyber criminal and state actors and under scrutiny by privacy and civil rights advocates, the near future does not look bright for Federal, state and local government IT.

Focus on Privacy Hobbles Security at Healthcare Orgs

In-brief: Healthcare organizations are woefully prepared to defend against cyber attacks that could affect patient health due, in part, to a narrow focus on protecting patient health information. 

Check it Twice: Consumers Warned of Privacy, Security Pitfalls in Connected Gifts

In-brief: More than 50 million connected devices will be purchased this holiday season, according to the Online Trust Alliance. But consumers should be wary of privacy and security issues affecting Internet-connected products, the group said.

Will MAC Address leaking pose a privacy risk for IoT?

In-brief: privacy researchers warn that the media access control (MAC) addresses that identify connected devices pose a serious privacy risk to individuals: allowing would-be attackers or businesses to collect a wealth of data about an individual’s movements, activities and preferences.