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HBR: Security, Privacy will Make or Break Companies on IoT

In-brief: a new report out from Harvard Business School that looks at the business impact of Internet of Things technologies cautions that security and privacy concerns can’t be ignored but will, instead, be an important differentiator for consumers. 

Tech, Retail Firms Propose Privacy Standards for Internet of Things

In-brief: The Online Trust Alliance, a group representing some of the largest technology and retail firms in the U.S., has proposed a framework for ensuring the privacy and security of connected devices. The OTA proposal would eliminate some of the more egregious data harvesting practices of connected device makers.

Citizen, Protect Thyself: Privacy in the Internet of Things

In-brief: Despite the technical interconnectivity that the IoT brings, there is no technology that will help us regain our privacy, writes Marc Blackmer of Cisco. We are responsible for guarding our privacy as we adopt advances such as connected cars, connected homes and social media-integrated applications.

FTC Report on Internet of Things Urges Security and Privacy Protections

In-brief: The FTC issued a report on Tuesday that provides guidance to U.S. businesses on protecting consumers’ privacy and security in the design and deployment of “Internet of Things” devices. 

At Electronics Bash, FTC Chairwoman Calls for Privacy, Security on IoT

  The Wall Street Journal reports on an address that FTC Chairwoman Edith Ramirez gave to the folks out at CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, in Las Vegas. From the report: “Ramirez outlined several concerns including ubiquitous data collection, or the ability of sensors to collect sensitive personal information about consumers all the time and in real time; unexpected uses of consumer data, such using individual energy use patterns to set their homeowners’ insurance rates; and cybersecurity threats. “She also noted opportunities. ‘Whether it’s a remote valet parking assistant, which allows drivers to get out of their cars and remotely guide their empty car to a parking spot; a new fashionable bracelet that allows consumers to check their texts and see reviews of nearby restaurants; or smart glucose meters, which make glucose readings accessible both to those afflicted with diabetes and their doctors, the IoT has the potential to transform […]