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Cisco Updates ASA Security Appliance To Tackle Zero Day Malware

We’re used to writing about all the things that are changing in the security field: the onslaught of mobile devices and connected ‘stuff,’ the advent of ‘advanced’ and ‘persistent’ adversaries, the destruction of the network perimeter. But all this talk about change can obscure the fact that so much has not changed. Companies still maintain perimeters, after all, and they rely on nuts-and-bolts technologies to defend them. But these days, those products need to do more – especially in the area of ‘advanced threats’ that are likely to slip past traditional antivirus and IDS products. Enter Cisco Systems, which on Tuesday announced a new version of its ‘next generation firewall‘: the Cisco ASA (Adaptive Security Appliance) with FirePOWER Services. The appliance is the first to make full use of technology from Cisco’s acquisition of Sourcefire last year. Specifically, the latest ASA integrates Sourcefire’s Advanced Malware Protection (or AMP) technology, which gives the […]

Security of Things Forum

Security and Internet of Things: Can We Talk?

Many of you who have been following this blog know that the Security Ledger is particularly interested in covering the (fast) evolving border line between “traditional” IT security and the terra incognito of the Internet of Things. This week, we’re taking that discussion to the next level with our first-ever event: The Security of Things Forum (or SECoT for short). SECoT is going to be an amazing day of discussion and debate about what I consider one of the foremost challenges facing the technology community in the next decade: securing a rapidly expanding population of intelligent and Internet-connected devices. [Register for The Security of Things Forum here. Use the Promo Code SLVIP to get 20% off!]   Attendees will hear an address by Dr. Dan Geer, the Chief Security Officer at In-Q-Tel, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency’s investment arm. Dan is one of the smartest and most prescient thinkers in the security world, […]

Cisco: Internet of Things Tips Scales In Favor Of Bad Guys?

A week from this Wednesday, the Security Ledger is hosting The Security of Things Forum: a day-long event in Cambridge, Massachusetts, that will explore the challenges of securing a global network of hundreds of billions of Internet connected devices. [Register here for The Security of Things Forum – Security and Internet of Things: May 7, Cambridge, MA] One of the big issues that we’ll be tackling is how the Internet of Things (or IoT) changes the security paradigm for enterprises and other large, IT-dependent organizations. Needless to say: the corporate network environment of 2020 won’t bear much resemblance to the network of 2000. But what kinds of tools and technologies will be needed to secure that environment and identify threats to the data stored on it? What security tools and strategies will go the way of the typewriter? What areas will require more investment? So far, the focus of discussions about IoT […]