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Updated: Fatal Flaw Slows WannaCry Ransomware Spread, but Threats Remain

In-brief: A fatal flaw in its design slowed the spread of WannaCry, a virulent ransomware program that has infected more than 100,000 organizations and individuals globally.

Update: UK Hospitals among Victims of Massive Ransomware Attack

In-brief: Hospitals across England were forced to divert patients from emergency departments after suffering what has been described as a cyber attack involving ransomware, according to published reports and a statement from the UK’s National Health Service. (Editor’s Note: Updated to include information on the Wana ransomware. PFR May 12, 2017)


The Billion Dollar Headache: Sophisticated Ransomware takes aim at Small Business

In-brief: in the latest Security Ledger podcast, Editor in Chief Paul Roberts speaks with Lior Div of the firm Cybereason and Brian NeSmith of the firm Arctic Wolf about the growing sophistication of ransomware attacks and platforms and how scammers are targeting small businesses and non-profits. 

Small Business Feels Ransomware’s Sting

Security Ledger Editor in Chief Paul Roberts speaks with Brian NeSmith, the CEO of Arctic Wolf, and Lior Div, the CEO of Cyberreason about the epidemic of ransomware attacks. Small businesses are being hit especially hard. We talk about what they can do about it.

LG Smart TV Infected with Android Ransomware

In-brief: Just in time for the annual Consumer Electronics Show: news of an LG Smart TV infected with ransomware, raising the specter of widespread malware infections affecting both consumers and businesses.