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Enterprises Lack Awareness of Internet of Things Devices

In-brief: Internet of Things devices are making their way onto enterprise networks, though technology professionals entrusted with managing those networks often do not realize it, a new survey finds.

Verizon: No ‘Real World’ Internet of Things Risk. Really?

In-brief: Verizon said in its 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report that it found no “real world” data on cyber incidents tied to Internet of Things technologies. Really?

Blurred Lines: Sophisticated Hacks Building On Commodity Crime Tools

The information security industry has long operated with the premise of two, very different kinds of threats: indiscriminate, cyber criminal activity aimed at making money quick and sophisticated, targeted attacks intended to provide long term competitive advantage to another company (or economy), disrupt the operation of the target or provide a (future) strategic advantage in some kind of cyber conflict. But new research from FireEye suggests that the lines between sophisticated and unsophisticated cyber operations are blurred, making it hard for organizations to know if a given infection is merely bad luck, or evidence of a larger and more dangerous operation. Writing about a new financially motivated hacking crew called Fin6, FireEye said that the group, which targeted point-of-sale systems made off with “millions of payment card numbers.” Still, FireEye said that it couldn’t figure out how the group compromised its victims. “In Mandiant’s investigations of FIN6, the group already […]

Supply Chain Wreck: CCTV Firmware Vulnerable

The software used by tens of thousands of digital video recorders (DVRs) used with closed circuit cameras (CCTVs) is vulnerable to being remotely hacked, a researcher has discovered.


To Secure ATMs: Startups Look Past the Card

In brief: With fraud getting more expensive, startups are taking a new look at ways to shore up the security of ATM networks and other card transactions – cards are optional.