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Combustible Hoverboards to Hackable Cameras – its the Supply Chain, Stupid | Quartz

In-brief: An article in Quartz finds a common theme in stories about the massive denial of service attacks from IoT botnets and exploding hover boards: a sketchy global supply chain.

Lightbulbs, Thermostats and Cameras Oh My! Smart Devices Undermining Corporate Security

In-brief: Smart, connected devices from closed circuit cameras to printers and thermostats are undermining the security of businesses, providing possible paths for hackers onto corporate networks, according to a study by the firm ForeScout. 

The Hacked Camera Botnet: Not New, Just Big

In-brief: More than 100,000 infected, Internet connected cameras played a part in giant denial of service attacks against a security news website last week. It’s not the first time such devices have been used to attack. 

Botnet of 140,000 Cameras, DVRs Behind Biggest DoS Ever

In-brief: The head of a hosting firm said a botnet of almost 150,000 cameras and digital video recorders was behind a massive denial of service attack. 

RSA VOHO Attack Graphic

Cameras, IoT Devices Part of Massive DDoS on Krebs Security

In-brief: A massive distributed denial of service attack has taken a crusading cybercrime journalist’s website offline and compromised cameras, broadband routers and other Internet of Things devices are playing a part in the attack.