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Linux IoT Worm Still Alive And Mining Virtual Coins

A few months ago we wrote about a new Internet worm notable because it spread between devices running the Linux operating systems, and because it had the ability to infect a range of non-PC devices including set top boxes. Symantec was quick to suggest that the worm, Linux.Darlloz, was the first “Internet of Things” malware. Now, three months later, Symantec is updating the story: noting that Darlloz is still out there, and seems to have  been put to use mining for virtual currencies. Writing on Symantec’s blog on Thursday, analyst Karou Hayashi said that researchers there discovered a new variant of Darlloz in January that included code changes and improvements from the version discovered at the end of 2013. Darlloz is versatile: it can run on devices using a variety of architectures, including the common Intel x86, but also hardware running the ARM, MIPS and PowerPC architectures. Those are more common […]


Cisco Combines Linux, IOS For Internet of Things

Networking equipment giant Cisco Systems said that it is combining elements of the open source Linux operating system to its IOS firmware, launching a new architecture it calls “IOx” that will connect the billions of intelligent devices that will make up the Internet of Things. The new architecture was announced at Distributech in San Antonio – a trade show for the utility industry, on Wednesday. The company said IOx will make it easier for its customers to connect Internet of Things devices to back-end resources and the larger Internet.  As it stands, the Internet of Things ecosystem is fragmented. Intelligent devices like the Nest Thermostat typically communicate back to proprietary cloud resources and might communicate with their surroundings using any one of a number of wireless protocols, including Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, Zigbee, Z-Wave, and so on.  That balkanization has made it hard to create IoT solutions that span different families […]

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Episode 186: Certifying Your Smart Home Security with GE Appliances and UL

In this episode of the podcast (#186) we do a deep dive on the new IoT cyber security rating system from Underwriters’ Lab. We talk with experts from GE about the process they used to obtain UL certification for a range of smart home appliances, managing device security over the decades and how a cyber security rating system may influence consumers’ behavior.

Episode 176: Security Alarms in Census II Open Source Audit. Also: The New Face of Insider Threats with Code42

Joe Payne the CEO of Code42 joins us to talk about how the challenge of data breach prevention is changing. And: we do a deep dive on the recent Census II audit of open source.

Episode 152: What the Silex Malware says about IoT Insecurity and Cloud Security CEO Steve Mullaney on Amazon ReInforce

In this week’s podcast episode, #152: we talk with Akamai researcher Larry Cashdollar about his discovery of Silex, a new example of IoT killing malware allegedly authored by a 14 year old. Also: Steve Mullaney, the CEO of the cloud security start up Aviatrix joins us to talk about Amazon’s new cloud security conference: Re:Inforce.