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Attack on Managed DNS Firm Hobbles Twitter, Spotify, Others

In-brief: A sustained denial of service attack against Dyn, a provider of hosted domain name system (DNS) services hobbled some of the Internet’s most trafficked websites on Friday. Its source or intended purpose still aren’t known.

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The New York Times: Internet of Things Security a Challenge to Civilization

In-brief: Steve Lohr at The New York Times had an interesting piece on security for the Internet of Things this week, noting that Internet of Things security poses a challenge to civilization. Steve Lohr at The New York Times had an interesting piece on security for the Internet of Things this week, which I’ve linked to. From the article: The optimistic outlook is that the internet of things will be an enabling technology that will help make the people and physical systems of the world — health care, food production, transportation, energy consumption — smarter and more efficient. The pessimistic outlook? Hackers will have something else to hack. And consumers accustomed to adding security tools to their computers and phones should expect to adopt similar precautions with internet-connected home appliances. “If we want to put networked technologies into more and more things, we also have to find a way to make […]

Land Rush: Race is On To Hack Vulnerable IoT Devices

In-brief:Cyber criminal groups are racing to gain control over a population of insecure “Internet of Things” devices, with new malware families targeting embedded devices appearing at a steady rate and a noticeable uptick in so-called “brute force” password guessing attacks against embedded systems. 

12 Years Later: Common Configuration Flaw + Internet of Things = Massive Attacks

In-brief: A common configuration flaw may be behind a massive network of IoT devices used in “credential stuffing” attacks, according to the security firm Akamai.

Cloud Security Alliance Publishes Guide for Future-Proofing IoT Products

In-brief: The Cloud Security Alliance on Friday released guidelines for “future proofing” connected devices.