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IBM Quantum Computer

How NIST Is Securing The Quantum Era

Quantum computers powerful enough to break the strongest classical encryption are at least a decade away, but the time to develop quantum safe encryption is now. In this opinion piece, Thomas Pöppelmann, a Senior Staff Engineer, Security Architecture and Cryptography Research at Infineon Technologies talks about the steps NIST and companies like Infineon are taking to make that happen.

NIST asks for Help securing Data in Quantum Computing Era

In-brief: NIST is asking for help designing post-quantum encryption algorithms to protect data and communications.

Facebook Internet Defense Prize Goes To Post-Quantum Key Exchange

In-brief: Facebook announced the winner of its 2016 Internet Defense Prize last week. Researchers from universities in The Netherlands, Germany and Turkey to receive the $100,000 prize for a paper improving protections against attacks on TLS by quantum computers.