State of the Endpoint: Vulnerable Software, Click-Happy Users

In-brief: a study of millions of mobile and desktop endpoints finds continued problems with out of date software and a willingness to fall for phishing attacks.

Hobbled by DMCA, Farmers are jail breaking Tractors | Motherboard

In-brief: Hobbled by draconian copyright restrictions from manufacturers like John Deere that make it impossible to modify or repair equipment, farmers in the U.S. have turned to unofficial software produced in countries like Ukraine to maintain their equipment. 


Adobe Flash Zero-Day Used in Attacks on Diplomats

In-brief: Trend Micro warned about targeted attacks on diplomatic missions that take advantage of a previously undiscovered hole in Adobe Flash.

Hacking Team incident prompts calls to retire Adobe Flash

  In-brief: Adobe’s Flash technology may end up being the highest profile victim of the attack on software arms dealers the Hacking Team, as news of that group’s reliance on Flash vulnerabilities prompts calls for Adobe to permanently retire the web-enhancing technology.

SMEs Face Advanced Threat Sophistication Gap

In-brief: Cisco Vice President Scott Harrell says that small and mid-sized organizations are in the crosshairs of sophisticated cyber criminals. Unfortunately, such firms often lack the tools and skills to identify and contain such threats.