Infograph: Security Issues facing the IoT (from Microsoft)

In-brief: Microsoft put together an interesting infographic that corrals some of the companies IoT and security predictions and underscores problem areas in securing Internet of Things infrastructure.

Security Pros give IoT Devices Poor Marks

In-brief: Security professionals think your chances of owning a secure Internet of Things devices are 50-50 – at best, according to a new survey by the firm IOActive.

Opinion: What Makes IoT Security So Hard?

In-brief: What makes IoT security so hard for these companies? Exosite Chief Technology Officer Mark Benson has identified four, important factors to consider and address.

The Car Hacking Hype Curve In Two Awesome Infographs

In-brief: Chris Poulin of IBM blogs over at Recorded Future that malicious attacks on connected vehicles are a couple of years off. But the genie is already out of the bottle.