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Researchers at Princeton found flaws in a number of IoT devices they tested, including smart hubs used in homes and businesses.

Report: Princeton Finds Security Flaws In Range Of Internet Of Things Devices

In-brief: researchers at Princeton researched the security of a wide range of connected devices – including smart hubs and a connected picture frame. They found lots to worry about. 

Samsung is promising new security features for its connected television sets in 2016. (Image courtesy of Samsung.)

Samsung Positions TV as Secure IoT Hub For Home

In-brief: Samsung said on Wednesday that new security features in its Tizen-based Smart TVs would protect consumer data stored on the device, encrypt communications to- and from the device and protect the TVs from malicious software.

Ransomware Works on Smart TVs, Too!

Ransomware Works on Smart TVs, Too!

Known versions of ransomware can run on smart TVs that use Android and other mobile and embedded device operating systems, according to research by Symantec.

An updated privacy policy from smart TV maker Vizio notes that viewing behavior data may be used to serve adds to any device that "shares an IP address" with its Smart TV. (Image courtesy of Vizio.)

Viewing Data From Smart TVs Used to Push Ads to All Your Screens

In-brief: Electronics maker Vizio is the latest smart television brand caught harvesting the viewing habits of its customers and selling the data to advertisers, highlighting legal loopholes that connected devices are exploiting.

Veracode found connected home gateways like the Wink often ship with exploitable vulnerabilities that could expose home networks to attacks or privacy violations.

Research: IoT Hubs Expose Connected Homes to Hackers

In-brief: A study of common connected home gateways finds lax security that could expose consumers to snooping or even malicious attacks, according to the application security firm Veracode.