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Hack of Dems Wider Than Believed |The New York Times

In-brief: The attack on the Democratic National Committee was part of a larger operation against more than 100 Democratic Party officials and affiliated groups, The New York Times is reporting.

Cities Still Struggling To Balance Smartness, Security

In-brief: Governments looking to deploy ‘smart city’ technologies are still failing to pay enough attention to security and privacy issues, according to researcher Cesar Cerrudo.

NHTSA Drafting Cyber Security Guidelines for Light Vehicles

In-brief: The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) is drafting cyber security guidelines for light vehicles, the agency’s first major initiative exclusively focused on the security of connected cars.

Opinion: DHS, FBI Underscore Fed’s Massive Data Security Challenges

In-brief: Revelations last week of hacks that exposed information on FBI and DHS employees underscore the massive challenges that the federal sector face in securing sensitive information. 

Internet of Things Looms Large in National Intelligence Assessment

In-brief: the consequences of innovation and increased reliance on information technology, including the Internet of Things, pose serious challenges to the nation’s cyber defenses and the intelligence community’s “operational tradecraft,” said DNI James Clapper in a report to Congress.