Samsung Charging into IoT with R&D, Partnership

In-brief: Two announcements from tech device giant Samsung underscored the company’s big bets on the Internet of Things.

Intel Acquires Computer Vision for IOT, Automotive

In-brief: Intel announced on Thursday that it was acquiring Itseez Inc., a San Francisco-based start-up that develops algorithms and software for computer vision. The company said it sees applications in autonomous vehicles, security and manufacturing.

IoT Standards Mashup: Open Interconnect Gobbles Up UPnP Forum

In-brief: The Open Interconnect Consortium said that it was acquiring the assets of the Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) Forum, giving OIC’s Internet of Things technologies a potential platform of thousands of UPnP compliant devices. 

SAP forges Internet of Things security partnerships | Inside SAP

In-brief: SAP AG announced alliances with a string of software and hardware makers to provide end to end security for Internet of Things deployments. Check Point and Intel are among the company’s partners.

Intel Updates IoT Platform with Security In Mind

      In-brief: Warning that the IoT ecosystem also comes with increased security risks, expanding the attack surface and increasing the need to protect assets, Intel announced changes to its IoT platform and development portfolio.