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Survey: Consumers Wary of Connecting Vehicles

In-brief: Consumers express concerns about connected cars and say they assume vehicles will be hacked. 

GM Launches Bug Bounty Program, Minus the Bounty

In-brief:  General Motors (GM) has launched a program to entice white hat hackers and other expert to delve into the inner workings of its software. The reward: so far, a promise not to sue. 

Auto OEM Harman Buys Security firm TowerSec

In-brief: HARMAN, the automobile supplier, said it will buy Tower Security, a maker of security technology for connected vehicles. 

How the Internet of Things Got Hacked | WIRED

In-brief: Wired’s Kim Zetter and Andy Greenberg teamed up this week on a little look-back at 2015 with a focus on security and Internet of Things.

The Car Hacking Hype Curve In Two Awesome Infographs

In-brief: Chris Poulin of IBM blogs over at Recorded Future that malicious attacks on connected vehicles are a couple of years off. But the genie is already out of the bottle.