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Last of OWASP’s Top 10 Still a Potent Threat

In-brief: Open redirects and forwards may be at the bottom of OWASP’s Top 10 list of web application security vulnerabilities, but they are still a potent and widespread problem, says Akamai’s Or Katz, who offers some suggestions for fixing it. 

The Real Story Behind Cheating Stories? Blackhat SEO

In-brief: A highly ranked web application for sharing tales of infidelity is the beneficiary of a sophisticated, global campaign of malicious search engine optimization (SEO), according to Akamai Principal Security Researcher Or Katz. (Read more stories by Or here.)

Mobilizing SQL Injection Attacks: Same Pig, New Lipstick?

In-brief: New research from Akamai suggests that attackers are using new methods to carry out and cover up for malicious attacks, among them: harnessing harmless mobile carrier networks to carry out attacks such as SQL injection. 

Popular Web Sites Still Getting Gamed in SEO Attacks

In this post, Security Ledger contributor Or Katz of Akamai provides details of how malicious actors are abusing redirect vulnerabilities in popular web sites to boost the reputation of malicious sites they control. One recent attack involved the compromise of some 4,000 vulnerable web applications for the purpose of pumping up the search engine ranking of more than 10,000 malicious web sites, Katz reveals. 

Gameover Botnet Visualization

Gameover Not The End: Zeus Malware Still Threatens Fortune 500

Prolexic, a division of Akamai, issued an advisory to Fortune 500 firms on Monday about what it calls “a high-risk threat of continued breaches from the Zeus framework.” The company’s Security Engineering & Response Team (PLXsert) said on Monday that it has observed new payloads from the Zeus crimeware kit in the wild, and that networks of Fortune 500 companies are a prime target. Cyber crime groups are using Zeus to steal login credentials and gain access to web-based enterprise applications, as well as online banking accounts, Akamai warned. “The Zeus framework is a powerhouse crimeware kit that enterprises need to know about to better defend against it,” said Stuart Scholly, senior vice president and general manager, Security Business Unit, Akamai, in a statement. “It’s hard to detect, easy to use, and flexible – and it’s being used to breach enterprises across multiple industries.” A variant of Zeus, Gameover, was the subject […]